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You may think that buying a property in Bangkok is a stressful experience as it involves some complicated legal requirements. This buying process can be made easier and less stressful with the help of the experienced agent who can work with you and guide you to ensure that you understand all the necessary procedures involved for your decision making.

Browse the properties to purchase
This could be easily done by browsing through our informative website which is regularly updated. You can browse at your own pace or you can also ring us and let us know of your requirements. We'll work with you to narrow down the list and select only the properties that really match with your criteria.

Actual property viewing
Appointment(s) will be arranged at your convenient time to view the actual properties you've browsed. At this stage you will see the properties' surroundings, facilities e.g. swimming pool and fitness etc.

Place an offer
If you found the property that you fall in love and would like to proceed we will propose your offer to the seller on your behalf.

Enter the sale and buy contract
After the seller has accepted your offer, the contract which specifies the details such as the property's address, fixtures and fittings, communal charges and settlement date will be outlined, sighted and signed by both parties. At this stage the non-refundable deposit of 10% or as agreed is required. This deposit will act as a part payment of the agreed purchase price

Settlement date
All parties including seller, buyer and our agent will meet at the Land Department for the ownership transfer and payment of necessary fees and taxes e.g. property transfer fee, stamp duty etc. The remaining balance of 90% (or as agreed) will be paid to the seller upon the property ownership transfer.

Property is now yours
Finally you will receive a property ownership certificate (Title deed) indicating your ownership to the property.

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